4 insights to understanding your prospects

It’s pretty difficult to know if you’re contacting a prospect at the right time. Whilst they might be a top target client, perfect for your business, it’s still possible for them to refuse your offer. That’s where insights into your prospects buying behaviour comes in as the most important skill you can have.

So how can understanding your prospect help increase sales? Well, in a number of ways. It can improve your contact timing, customer relations and make personalising pitches much easier, to name a few. Here are some of the best ways to get into your prospect’s head.

Visitor Tracking

Firstly, you need to know what your prospects are looking at on your website. See which pages and topics have got their attention. Then you can gather some idea as to what they’re interested in and have pain points around. Once you have felt that they have interacted enough to warrant a sales call (perhaps they’ve gone on your demo page twice but not filled in the form), get in contact to usher them through that sales pipeline.

Website Analytics

Next, you need to figure out where your website lead came from. Were they warmed up in an email campaign and already know a lot about you? Did they come from a competitor PPC campaign? The more information you know prior to your phone call, the more you can tailor your sales pitch to their specific needs. They’ll think you’re a mind reader and the solution just for them.

Company Research

Discovering more about the company isn’t just a way to understanding your prospect, it’s a way to understand how the sales process is going to work with them. Are they the key decision maker, for example, or will someone else have to be involved in the discussion? Knowing who to call from the start is a quick way to get passed the gatekeeper and get started on building that sales relationship.


Once you know what the company is interested in, where they’ve come from and who the key decision maker is, there is only one thing left. You need to know what the individual you’re selling to is interested in. By sending a PURL in your email, you can track an individual back to your website with cookie technology. That way, you’ll see how often they visit and if their priorities change.

With these 4 insights into your prospects, you’ll soon know how to push their buttons to a closed deal and improve your conversion rate.

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