4 essential tasks to do with your website leads

The majority of your leads will be from your website traffic, after all, we live in a digital world where the internet dominates. Without that logic, we’d be out of jobs! But what should you be doing to make the most of this pool of potential customers, and how do you whittle out those who won’t convert? Glad you asked!

Rate your leads
First and foremost, it’s time to rate your leads. This is a two-step process beginning with page scoring. If you have lead generation software, such as GatorLeads, you can do this simply by setting core topics and sorting your content accordingly.

We recommend using a structure similar to this:

  • High scores: pricing, demo requests
  • Medium: downloads, product pages, events
  • Low: blogs, homepage

From here you can rate whether your leads are hot, warm or cold, so you can determine the best method to contact them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Segment based on behaviour

Once you’ve categorised your pages, you can segment your leads based on their interests. That way you can rest assured that you’re sending the right campaign content, so hopefully increase their engagement.

Track them

So, you’ve got the criteria in place for rating your leads based on activity, but if they’re mostly web visitors, how do you know who they are? That’s where IP LookUp comes in! By tracking the IP addresses of your website visitors, you can identify the businesses looking at your websites.

While you can’t see the exact person of the company looking at your website, GatorLeads allows you to purchase the email addresses of employees, based on job title.

Create a nurture series

Save time by using marketing automation to create reusable nurture campaigns to warm your leads. Once you’ve set up your workflows (we do ours based on content), you can pretty much set and forget.

Our senior marketing coordinator, Jessica Brick says:

“12% of our sales from the last six months have come from our lead nurture workflows, generating us over £37,000 worth of annual revenue.

We see on average around a 15% click through rate over splitting the content and sending the right people the right content at the right time. From the ‘decide’ level we see an average 17% click through rate.”

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