As we emerge out of another lockdown (hopefully the last) retailers are busy preparing for re-opening. However, just opening the doors and turning the door sign to open probably won’t have them arriving in droves.

It’s important that in reopening planning retailers factor into their marketing plan a series of emails to entice their customers back. Articulating safety and exciting consumers to plan their retail therapy in person as well as online.

Here’s 4 emails we think retail marketers should be sending.

Welcome Back

Your email audience contains some of your most loyal customers as well as those who may have only bought from you once. Not only is it common courtesy, but it sets the right tone to say a quick “Hello” “We’ve missed you” and “We can’t wait to see you”. If you wanted to be really fancy you could personalise the message from the local store manager!

Don’t forget to remind consumers of the opening times and which stores remain open (if some have closed for good).

We’re COVID Safe

Although more than 31m people in the UK have received at least one dose of the vaccine, many people are still worried about venturing into shops and enclosed spaces with others. This is the time to remind them about all the steps you have taken to ensure the shopping experience is COVID safe for them and your staff. Use imagery to help consumers understand how they can follow safety guidelines.

What’s new in-store

Enticing consumers away from the comfort of their homes, when they are now used to purchasing online, could be challenging. This is time for stores to get creative about how they drive footfall. Whether its exclusive in-store only stock, VIP days, immersive experiences or events, be sure to let consumers know in your emails. If you can personalise these to specific local stores or nearest flagship stores, you’re more likely to drive the most relevant traffic.

Click and Collect

Many retailers have been able to keep a click and collect system in place over lockdown. This service will still be relevant and needed by consumers as the high street opens up again. By informing the consumer via email with clear guidelines you’re able to either remind or inform about this important service you are providing.

How to stand head and shoulders above the rest

There are many elements within your email marketing solution you can be using to ensure these re-opening emails stand out from the crowd.

  1. Countdown Clocks – Using a countdown clock to countdown to the date of opening will definitely create excitement
  2. Weather related content – Serving different images according to the weather outlook for that day will help you deliver a more relevant message
  3. Segment your data and serve dynamic content to show different store details
  4. Imagery – Pictures can speak a thousand words. Use gifs and other elements to articulate messages around safety and guidelines
  5. Personalise – Use the data you know about your consumer to serve them personalised messages and images that seem to speak to them directly. If they’re a VIP invite them to a special re-opening event. Or a special offer that can be redeemed in-store only.