According to the DMA Consumer Email Tracker, 68% consumers say that brand recognition is an extremely important factor in determining whether they open marketing emails. Couple that with the fact that it takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to remember a brand. Consistent branding is essential to getting your brand recognised.

This doesn’t just mean logo and a colour pallet but it comes down to style, images, photography and tone.

In this blog we wanted to give the business case for why you should spend time and resource in defining a clear brand in your email marketing strategy. Here’s 4 reasons why.


Instantly recognisable

Never underestimate the power of familiarity.

One of the most immediate benefits of email branding is that it makes your business immediately recognisable.

If your business has gone to lengths to build up your reputation, offer a seamless service, and boasts a dedicated customer base. Then you want consumers to immediately know who you are when you send out your email campaigns.

By building a recognisable brand, you will be more familiar to consumers. This will help cut through the noise of your competitors. Because consumers are often overwhelmed by choice, so are more likely to choose a brand they know and trust, instead of risking their money with an unknown business.


Builds credibility

High quality, consistent branding helps a business to look legitimate.

It suggests that they are successful and savvy enough to put time and energy into making their brand look great. Something that consumers will connect with the quality of your products and service.

Inconsistent, ill-thought-out branding on the other hand looks sloppy and reflects badly on the brand’s offering.


Attracts the perfect customer

Consumers connect with brands that have similar values to them.

A key point of branding is showcasing your story and values. So by reflecting this in your email, you will be attracting and engaging with the perfect customers for your business.

For instance, if you are selling higher-ticket items, this can be reflected in your branding with the use of more stylish or luxurious branding.

If, however, you sell cheaper products or FMCG, your branding may be more down to earth and accessible.

All of these details can be fed through into your emails to help connect with your audience.


Helps maintain consistency

Consistency is key to good branding. But good branding can also help maintain consistency throughout your email campaigns.

Without clear branding in mind, it can be easy to go rogue on email design. Subjectively choosing colours, images, and fonts that suit in the moment.

Sometimes this will look good. But sometimes it won’t. It can result in a less recognisable business and brand. And also will likely involve design that not everyone in the business is happy with or has signed off on.

By having consistency throughout your emails, you only need to receive branding sign off once. And you know that each email will look great at every send.

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