New research suggests that 36 per cent of all the opened emails are read on mobile devices, reports.

The study by STEEL London found that 36 per cent of UK consumers are now turning to their mobile devices for emails, with the figure rising to 55 per cent for 18 – 34-year-olds.

Furthermore, once the email was read, 69 per cent of mobile users immediately acted on the email; be it clicking through to the site (42 per cent) or making a purchase (30 per cent). Youngsters were again the most likely to act on an email they’d received.

The results are expected to prompt brands using email marketing to ensure their content is optimised for mobile usage to guarantee their emails get through to the inboxes of the increasing mobile community.

For those looking to use mobile communications, however, the report also had pointers of what not to do; with 42 per cent of users complaining about too much scrolling.

Speaking to about results, STEEL’s CEO, Andy Hinder, explained: “Consumers are increasingly using their mobile as their preferred media and communication device.

“Because of this, the mobile has become the gatekeeper for further action and engagement with emails. With better targeted emails, and the growth in mobile commerce, it is essential for brands to look at how they further adapt their email marketing strategies for mobile.”