3 things your website visitors really want

You marketers have a tough job. You’re expected to know exactly what your website visitors want without ever having met them. With only 3% getting in contact with you, it doesn’t seem like most marketers are having much success either. So we’ve discovered the 3 things website users are screaming out for.

#1: They don’t want a newsletter

You might be trying to get your website visitors to give you their email address by offering them a newsletter. Well, we’ve got news for you. Newsletters are old and stale and so 2002. Instead, try promoting an “insider guide/digest” with expert tips. This sets you apart and makes website visitors more likely to turn to you for expert advice. Establish your authority by including tips to increase revenue, well-researched content and advice they can actually use in their day to day working life.

#2: They want to think they are the most important person in your world

We all know personalisation is key, but we haven’t taken it far enough. It’s about pandering to your website visitor and making them feel like the centre of the universe. That’s why it’s essential you give them the information they are after if you want them to engage. Get it wrong once and they might just ignore you forever. If in doubt, use visitor identification and tracking to see exactly who you are speaking to and what they want.

Side note: Sending email campaigns from a personal account will make them more likely to respond in a personal way too.

#3: They want simple communications, NOT SPAM

With multiple lead nurturing campaigns, it can be easy to lose track of who is receiving what information. Slow it down and un-complicate the process. Each website visitor should only be in one email campaign at a time. Any more and, guess what? You’re spam.

If you’re struggling to keep up with who is in what campaign and who needs moving where for their lead nurturing journey, it’s time to consider a complete B2B marketing automation platform. That way, you can get a system that does it all for you.

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