3 things to remember when migrating to a new marketing automation platform

Moving from one marketing automation provider to another can be stressful. Although planning is the most important thing you can do, it can be hard to know where to start – let alone the heaps of information you need to remember to take.

Your new marketing automation platform should be able to give you the guidance you need to get all setup, but we’d like to give a little extra help just to get you through. Here are 3 things you really need to remember when migrating to a new marketing automation system.

Integrate your CRM ASAP

Whilst you’re shutting down your old system, you could be missing vital new data that could serve you well. Waiting to integrate your CRM means that data collected whilst your focus is elsewhere could potentially be lost, or simply not acted on and wasted.

Integrating as soon as possible allows your new software to start racking up the data on your contacts before you’ve even finished with your old one. Time is money, and this will definitely save you a lot of both – which you could otherwise be losing in the migration process.

Spring clean before moving to a brand new marketing automation platform

Use the process of elimination to jump straight into it. What DON’T you need? There’s probably a number of dusty old workflows and segment lists that you barely even look at anymore, let alone use. Is there really any point bringing them with you?

The process of moving to a new suite is the perfect opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. Make a list starting at what is a priority down to less important, all the way to unnecessary items. This way you’ll know where to start and what not to bother with at all!

DON’T forget your unsubscribed and bounce lists

Unsub/bounce or ‘suppression’ lists are absolutely key to your movement across platforms. Forgetting to move these across could be crippling to your company, as it would affect your compliance to spamming regulations.

Ever heard of the EU GDPR? If you have, the very mention of it probably sends a shiver down your spine. Making a mistake like forgetting these lists could be costly the closer we get to these regulations coming into force. You don’t want to be given a fine of €20 million or more, do you?

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