3 tactics to a successful social media strategy in 2017

Social media marketing. We all know we have to do it. We all want to know how to do it successfully. So we’re going to cover with you the 3 top tactics we’ve been given from the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter that are successfully being used by leading B2B marketers.

Constantly engage with your audience

You might feel that constantly posting updates on LinkedIn and Twitter can come across as spam, but remember social media marketing is not like email marketing. You are advertising in a space that thousands of people are contributing to. Updates happen every second. If you don’t have a consistent presence, you’ll be forgotten in the blink of an eye.

LinkedIn promoted doing a weekly calendar with different content every day. For example:

  • Healthy content that helps companies grow on Monday
  • Meaty, opinion pieces and high-target information on Tuesday
  • Hearty, helpful guides on Wednesday
  • Spicy, thought-provoking content on Thursday
  • Feel-good, humorous posts on Friday

Post different content on different channels

If you are posting X on Twitter and X, Y, Z on LinkedIn, why should your audience follow you on both channels? In fact, this is one of the cardinal rules of social media marketing according to Twitter. Take a look at your audiences on all of your social media channels and see how they act differently, and what content they respond to best.

For example, for us, our customers focus on our Twitter feed whereas our LinkedIn following tends to engage more with our prospects and partners. Therefore, we’ve started to create a social media strategy that divides our content appropriately for each audience.

Live updates are the way forward

With Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat live feeds dominating the millennial world, it won’t be long until the B2B marketing world is expected to take on live updates. Audiences will expect live, authentic updates – even if they don’t allow the company to come across as perfect. Authenticity and immediate response will be the backbone of brands moving forward, and the best place to highlight this will be using the tools of social media, particularly with live videos.

If you’re interested in seeing which social media marketing methods are right for you and you don’t know where to start, download our whitepaper. Understand the basics first.

Once you’ve perfected your social media marketing, why not use this to help build an over performing sales team?

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