3 most successful ways to get leads to come to you

There are so many ways to herd leads to your website, but the ones that work are those that leave you lying back in your chair, letting the leads come to you. Although there’s no way of generating leads without putting in some effort, it’s better to draw them in of their own accord than trying to force them to look at what you have to offer. So let’s look at the 3 most successful carrot-and-stick approaches to lead generation.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improving the customer experience of existing clients is a great way to generate new leads – but why? Word of mouth can be a powerful marketing tool, especially if it’s a happy customer promoting your business or product to their contacts. Only good things can come from business heads praising you to their fellow contacts in the industry. Make clients happy and watch the sales-ready leads feed in.

Give your leads valuable content

Give the people something they want. Offer whitepapers, guides, infographics – whatever might be useful to your leads. Use valuable content on your site and send it out to your email subscribers. Just make sure it can be found easily.

As some extra ideas on top of this, you should also try these two things:

  • Create an effective landing page. When prospects come to your website, make sure they see what you want them to see. Kick off their first visit to your website with good vibes.
  • Create a smooth website journey. Make your website move like a workflow. You should be able to guide new leads to where you want them to be, so that from point A – your initial content – they’re already on their way to point B.

Be a thought-leader

People will come looking for you if you’ve got enough credibility and business authority. Give yourself a loud online voice, and start running a blog or a twitter account. You want to churn out high quality, leading content that informs people, but also gives them new ways to look at things. Thought-leaders get interest simply from what people hear about them – a good reputation can do things for your lead generation that you could only dream of.

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