3 Steps to Generating MQLs

Getting the right leads to satisfy your hungry sales team is every marketer’s dream. It can take time and commitment, but it is possible. No more complaining, fewer lead rejections, and less disgruntled sales team members. It really is the perfect scenario. Unless you’re a marketer you wouldn’t understand the vision. But to us, generating the all-important MQLs is a task which encompasses an inordinate amount of time each day. Every day. So, any method to make this chore easier (and quicker) is music to our ears. This is how we speed up the process.

1 Implement Page Scoring

The pages on any site vary in importance. It’s inevitable. Exploit this fact. Score your pages as more important or less, dependent on the message they promote and location in the sales pipeline. Using IP tracking software, you can give every lead a score which tells you how far along the sales funnel they are at any given point. Lead scores will accumulate based on pages visited, and with a set value automatically qualifying a lead as an MQL once they pass this point, booyah! An MQL is born.

2 Get on Board with Automation

Let the software take control. Your marketing automation software is smart enough to send out campaigns at the right time, to the right people, on your behalf. Make it count. Obviously, you will need to set up the campaigns in advance with the messages you want to send. Once done, you can have leads feeding through your nurture workflow until they’re engaged enough to justify a sales call (i.e. they’ve passed the MQL criteria). Send them the content that counts based on their interactions. Every leads journey will be different because every lead is different. Personalise the process, to reap the rewards in the form of MQLs.

3 Link, Link, Link

Whether you’re sending social media posts, emails or directing people to your blogs, every contact should contain links back to your most important web pages. The last thing you want is for a lead to be interested in your company with no method of looking any further. So… add links! Take your leads on a journey, passing through all the strategically important web pages. Link to heavier content as you go. If you’re starting off light and easy with a blog, direct from there to something with more grit. A resource or product page is a great shout. And from there, onto the demo page, offer your time to show them how you can benefit them.

Whatever method you choose to focus on, be sure to check up on the process as you go. Generating MQLs can be a tricky and ever-changing business. Reviewing regularly will help monitor the progress of lead generation, ensuring you’re producing the leads which will benefit your company the most.

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