3 steps to drive more new business your way

Remember the days of cold calling? You didn’t know the customer and they certainly didn’t know you. You bartered and charmed your way into a sale if you could, but more often than not you were greeted with the dial tone. Those days are long gone. See how you can drive more new business in a quick 3 steps

Rank your hot leads

Nowadays technology gives you the chance to break down barriers before you even meet.

It also gives you the chance to spot your sale from a mile off. For example ranking your “hot” leads, so you can see who needs your business now.

Make contact when they are ready

This type of real-time data gives you the chance to chase hot, sale-ready leads immediately. There’s no need to wait around or learn more about your lead. That immediate connection will bring more new business to your door than ever before. You’ll engage more prospects, convert more leads and strengthen your sales and service structure in the process.

Personalise your approach

In a world where we are all hidden behind computer screens, it can be hard to get to know each other, interact with each other, and discover each other. In the world of B2B, it gets even harder. But now…your interactions can become more Human to Human (H2H) as you discover more about your visitors and what they are interested, in based on what they engage with on your website..

Here’s how we see it. You’ve got visitors with short attention spans. You rely on Google Analytics to draw up some kind of image of them or you work off a business persona. But to connect to your customer and maximise ROI, you need a personal relationship. You need to know who they are, what they’re looking at and what they want. Now you can build a solid rapport that will translate into the extra sales you’ve been wanting.

Your sales approach just got simpler

We take the information that already exists and communicate it in a way that actually works for your sales team. We’ll extend the data you get from Google Analytics by giving you access to company information, contacts and profiles. You can see for yourself what your visitors have looked at, where they’ve searched on your site and how interested they are in you. We can even give you their email addresses.

Then you can choose which leads you want to follow. GatorLeads gives you everything you need to make that personal pitch. Greet your potential clients by name, show that you know what appeals to them and save time and money on the leads you want to pursue.

Find out how to generate and nurture more opportunities for your sales team. It’s a revelation that’s not to be missed.

If you’re looking for other advice when it comes to lead generation, why not check out this step by step guide on GatorLeads to help you identify new business?

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