3 steps you need to take to prepare for the new EU GDPR

By now, we would hope you were well aware of the EU GDPR changes and why UK B2B marketers need to abide by them. If you don’t, you can read more about the start of those changes here. And while we don’t mean to rush you, with less than two years to get your marketing data in compliance with EU GDPR, it’s time to start taking these 3 steps NOW.

1 – Buy a purchased data list with your top target companies

Once the new EU GDPR changes are in play, purchased data lists will become generic to people who have willingly opted-in to all communications. In other words, purchased data lists are going to be poor quality. However, until May 2018 you can still purchase high-quality targeted data lists.

So we recommend you create a list of your killer values you look for in companies. Purchase data that aligns with these top targets. Start communicating with these top targets and try and get as many of these contacts to engage with your material. The more that opt-in to your marketing communications, the more data you have to market to in 2018!

2 – Communicate with your customers

The new EU GDPR applies to your current customers as well as your prospects. Unless your contracts say they agree to receive all communications from you, you’ll be in breach of the new regulations. Imagine not being able to email your own customers because you didn’t have the proper permissions in place to contact them…

So send your customers a quick email about the EU GDPR and let them know about the changes. Give them the ability to double opt-in to future communications from you. The quicker you make this process and the more you highlight the importance of it, the more likely they are to do this straight away.

3 – Set up a double opt-in system for prospects & customers

The single most important aspect of the new double opt-in regulations is that you need a proven record of everyone who opted-in to your marketing communications. Therefore, you need to get something in place that tracks every prospect and customer who signs up for your communications and confirms their agreement ASAP.

After all, you don’t want to get to May 2018 and realise you have no data left to market to, do you? Start now. See everything you need to know about what the EU GDPR changes mean for your marketing. Use these steps to make sure you stay ahead of the game.


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