3 reasons you’re losing sales leads to somebody else

With your amazing marketing strategy and the best-in-class product you’re selling, it’s easy to draw leads to your website. The only problem is, they never make it to the end goal – or at least, not enough of them do. But what’s turning them away?

Well, it’s not necessarily that you’re turning them away. You’d probably know if that’s what you were doing. What’s more likely to be the case, is that you’re just not taking the right action when you need to. So here’s what you’re probably skipping out on.

You’re letting the love run cold

It’s not enough to let a client discover you and hope that they recognise how awesome you are. You need a bit more finesse than that – and this is the first thing you might be doing wrong. Lead nurturing is a great way to spread a little more TLC to your contacts, reminding them every now and again that you’re ready and waiting for them to get your product.

Even if a contact seems to be too chilly to rekindle the flame, don’t panic. A majority of your cold leads can actually turn into sales after a bit of dedicated lead nurturing. Without it, though, you risk more than 79% of your leads never converting – and those are numbers you need.

Not picking up the phone

Or just not sending emails. Either way, you’re not getting in touch – and that could be what’s letting you down. When you go into a shop and start looking around, five times out of ten, someone is going to ask if you need any help. For every person who politely responds “No, just browsing”, there are at least two people who looking for something specific they can’t find alone – and those people are the ones that buy.

With the help of visitor tracking, you can figure out what people want when they come to your website and give them directions. Even if you don’t actively send out content links or page recommendations, it’s still good to show that you’re there to help. Send a welcome email, a preferences form or whatever else will show them that your company experience is centred on them.

Setting up a poor buyer journey

Your buyer journey is vital. Like a form of customer workflow, it should determine how your prospects get from point A to point B – discovery to sale. If your buyer journey is lacking, they’ll wander off somewhere in between and leave you with that lacklustre, lack-of-sales feeling.

Figure out where you want contacts to go based on what they’re looking at. For example, don’t just send a homepage link to every email address you have access to. Make it relevant, and make sure it leads to a strong, dynamic landing page. Keep customers on their toes and moving from page to page on your website until they reach the pricing or contact pages – those are the highest scoring pages, after all. By that point you’ll know they’re ready to take that sale.

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