3 questions to ask to create urgency in your sale

As salespeople, we know that hitting your monthly number is essential. But everyone has days where none of your leads are biting and you just don’t seem to be able to hit that number. What if we told you we could help your leads act faster? Here are the 3 questions that will give your leads that little boost to buy from you now. 

“What prompted you to look into our product?

This question is so much more powerful than simply asking your lead “what do you need?” Buyers don’t want to have to explain their needs to you, they want you to already know what their problem is before you call and how you can solve it. By asking your lead what prompted them to look into your product or drove them to your website, you can pinpoint what aspects have interested them. From there you can read between the lines to identify what their pain point is.

“What would happen in the next X months without something in place to combat [pain point]?”

Once you’ve understood what their pain point is and what goals they wish to achieve, you need to focus on why your lead needs your business now. To do this, get them to identify the negative aspects of what would happen within their own business without your product. Remember, keep asking open-ended questions until you get to the very worst result they could imagine without this product. The more intense the negative consequence, the sooner they will act and you’ll get your sale.

“How would X help solve this?”

Then ask them open-ended questions to highlight the positives they could get from your product or business. By getting them to speak about the positives themselves, you increase the likelihood of them buying into your business. This is because they’ll be reinforcing the key features they need, rather than listening to you telling them why your product is good for them (a pitch that often gets ignored).

By finding your lead’s pain point and letting them personalise your pitch with open-ended questions, you not only create a sense of urgency but add value to your product too. To start tracking when leads arrive on your website, look into IP lookup technology and how it can kick-start more sales.

If you’re a manager or director reading this, why not pass this information on to sales to help build an over performing team?

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