3 key SEO techniques for companies that have never used SEO before

If you’ve never considered implementing an SEO strategy, then you’ll be interested to know that around 93% of experiences online start from a search engine. Google is the most popular search engine, with over 65% of search engine users choosing to use Google. With this in mind, if you can get your website to the top of Google when potential customers are making searches, then you have a great opportunity to generate more sales.

#1 – Keywords at the centre

Knowing what keywords your prospects are using to find you is essential to a successful SEO strategy. Once you have identified these keywords, you need to incorporate them into your website as much as possible. Each page on your site should be dedicated to a chosen keyword so when you include the keywords in your content, you should bear this in mind. This helps Google to identify what the pages on your website are about and which ones should rank under the relevant searches. These pages will then appear higher up in Google searches that are made using these keywords.

#2 – Keep content fresh

It’s also important to use fresh content on each page of your website, and not the copy any content from other websites. All text must be unique, whether this means rephrasing things or using completely different content. Copying sections of text can make your website seem like spam to Google, who will penalise you for duplicating content.

Your visitors won’t want to just read the same information across different pages. They will navigate your site to find more specific information, and Google recognises that unique content is more likely to be more helpful to them than large sections of copied text. If you’re confined to the same topic as elsewhere on your site, why not take a slightly different angle instead? This is a great way to readdress the same issue but with fresh content.

#3 – Social amplification and links

If you’ve not done much SEO before then one technique you can do is link building. It’s important to only create genuine links, from relevant sources. One easy and effective way to do this is through social amplification, which is essentially using your social media platforms to post and create links to your website. This is completely free to do and generates greater engagement alongside boosting your SEO.

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