3 best marketing automation strategies to increase sales

Marketing automation refers to a method of sending a series of campaigns with set logic. From here, you can take your leads or customers down a journey based on their engagement. Harnessing the power of marketing automation can nurture your leads and save time.

Taking it up a notch, you’d want to include personalisation to your campaigns. You can do this by tracking behaviour and engagement, such as downloads and web history. You can do this using IP LookUp technology. This tracks the IP addresses of your website visitors and identifies them if they are a business. From here you can learn more about them and if they meet your killer values.

#1 Building the Lead Engine
Build your lead engine with an automated campaign series over a 6-week period to segment data. For example, this could be campaigns triggered based on engagement in each email. You can track and nurture leads by sending content tailored to their interests.

Running marketing automation in the background can save time, instead focussing on lead gen.

#2 Lead scoring
You can keep track of your leads by scoring them. It means you can assign scores and establish pages that show sales-ready behaviour. IP Lookup software allows you to use these scores to rate your leads.

You are then able to suppress contacts from marketing once they hit a pre-defined lead score. This prevents what I like to call the “post-marketing dip” where a sales lead is already qualified. Instead of passing the lead over to sales, it is possible to over-market to this prospect. This can have a damaging effect on the sales process.

#3 Email remarketing using cookies
The setup of your email remarketing strategy can be time-consuming, as you need to set up a series of campaigns for all possible outcomes. When a lead engages with a key page, a cookie is deposited on their computer. This triggers an automated campaign and follow-up for every targeted page after that. Make sure to follow UK cookie guidance regulations.

A well-known example is on eCommerce sites. You’re no doubt aware of abandoned shopping cart campaigns, where you’ll get an email if you don’t check out. This technique is also useful for B2B sales pages, as it aims to drive traffic and increase awareness. This helps to re-engage traffic back to your website.

Marketing automation that works for you Remember that no marketing strategy will be identical. If you would like any help with marketing automation, get in touch today for some advice.

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