3 benefits of using GatorLeads to track your website visitors

Over the past month, I have changed roles within CommuniGator moving from the sales to the marketing team. While many marketers I have met have stated that I’ve moved to the dark side (controversial I know), this change of role has prompted me to look at our own marketing software in a different light. When I consider all the products that I used during my time in sales, GatorLeads was by far one of the most resourceful tools in helping to book meetings with prospects and I strongly believe it can help you to track your website visitors as well!

Track your website visitors, including individual contacts

If you have ever considered an IP tracking tool in the past and have done your market research then you will be aware that there is a plethora of companies out there that claim to offer a similar service to GatorLeads. While these companies are capable of some form of tracking, GatorLeads blows them out of the water because of the multitude of resources that data is obtained from. Not only does CommuniGator have a higher average IP match rate compared to most our competitors when identifying website hits, but we can also track down to a single individual contact.

What are your website visitors doing?

Our own research has highlighted the need for IP tracking in any modern business. As an average, 98% of all website visitors won’t enquire through form fills and identify themselves. Further to this, a large portion of this figure will be competitors or companies that you wouldn’t do business with. GatorLeads is the gateway that you have been looking for. Not only can CommuniGator give you the tools necessary to identify those companies that got away but you still want to speak with, but through cookie tracking you can narrow this search down to a specific individual contact.

Tracking key decision makers

The PURL function that is made available to GatorLeads and full suite customers lets your sales team track the key decision makers within their target companies. All they need to do is simply attach a PURL to their 1 to 1 sales emails, then as soon as the relevant contact clicks on the link they get an alert. It’s as simple as that!

Here at CommuniGator, we’re turning the art of cold calling on its head – providing you with the necessary information to track your website visitors and tailor your sales calls so they are warmer and more welcoming. Think how much more receptive a prospect will be when you can start phone conversations and emails based around the content they had been researching. One thing’s for sure, it certainly helped me hit my own monthly sales target! We’ve already had the backing of industry leading experts in demonstrating how powerful a tool GatorLeads can be in the sales process.

If you interested in finding out more about our GatorLeads software and how to track your website visitors then feel free to download this handy guide!

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