20 words you should ban from your blog and appropriate substitutes

Many bloggers are guilty of stuffing their articles with jargon, generally in the wrong way, merely giving the impression they don’t know what they’re talking about. Therefore, there are a few words you should be sure to avoid when writing content for your blogs.

But what should you use instead do I hear you ask? Well, thankfully E-consultancy have released a list of jargon words you should be sure to avoid along with alternatives to replace them with. Saving you a large amount of time daily, as you no longer need to rack your brain to think of another way of saying “touch base”.

Here are a few of our favourites, or you can see the full list here.

Solution – Infers that if you buy this software, product or service all your problems will diminish, which isn’t the case. The software, product or service is designed to help perform a particular task (email marketing for example). Try; “software”, “platform” or “provider” instead.

Touch base – Try “let’s catch up” instead, no one really says “touch base” in normal conversation unless you’re the kind of person that wants to remind their colleagues of the emotional trauma that was school rounder’s (or is that just me?).

Leading/Best in class – Both imply you’re not actually too sure how you compare against your colleagues or maybe you just haven’t done the research to find out? Either, don’t say anything or be honest, “we’re the second best CRM provider in Berkshire.”

Once you’ve got the right words in your content, you can start generating the right quality of leads.

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