We know that not everyone has time to read every report and guide that’s released, so to help out we thought we would give email marketers and marketers a round up of the most important stats and learning from the DMA Consumer Email Tracker Report 2020


Consumers believe email is the best channel to receive brand marketing, preferring it almost twice as much as any other channel. 46% compared to 26% for post and 24% for text or face to face



Most customers have two personal email addresses


Consumers believe they receive on average 55 emails a week.


When receiving marketing emails consumers say the most important factor in opening an email is “Recognising the brand” (55%) and then “The Subject line” (48%)


Only 13% of people believe that over half of their marketing emails from brands are useful


65% of consumers want to receive discounts and offers that are relevant to them


43% consumers like to get advanced notice of new products and services & sales


Over a third like non-transactional emails


Of the emails they love consumers love relevancy and usefulness (36%)


When consumers receive an interesting email – only 29% click on the email link – making attribution tricky for marketers


When on their smartphones and consumers see something they would like to buy only 14% will buy straight away and a huge 35% will go direct to the company’s website – again having an impact on attribution


The main reasons that consumers sign up to newsletters is for Discounts & Offers (48%), being a regular customer (43%) and joining for some form of loyalty program (40%)