10 ways to turn your blog into a lead generation machine

I’ve often been described as a marketing machine, able to churn out content and other marketing activities faster than you’d expect. But the fact is, all marketers are machines. We’re constantly churning out content and campaigns as part of our lead generation efforts.

Here’s how you can turn your blog into a lead generation machine, to save you a spare bit of time in your never-ending stream of marketing tactics!

First…get them in:

1)    With a strong headline

Go back to basics. Linguistics are important. Catch their eye with a strong headline. A how to guide, a number of steps they need to take, a question or a surprising short statement have proven to be the most successful headlines to date.

2)    Social media

Utilise the marketing power of social media in our ever-advancing world and use it to promote your blog. Make regular social posts in various social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Make them short but fun. Your aim is to stir an interest in your blog.

3)    Extension of your website

Make sure your blog in an extension of your website. Link your blog to at least 4 other places on your website. After all, you want your readers to continue reading your stuff after the blog. Give them multiple call-to-actions to interact with, which will give them more information.

4)    Use SEO keywords

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of SEO, a key marketing strategy. Make your blog topic your keyword and include it in your headline, first paragraph, and one subtitle if you want it to perform well on Google.

5)    Target your audience

We cannot stress this enough! There’s no point writing a sales blog if you’re trying to attract marketing managers. Write to your audience. That way, they’ll feel like your blog relates to them and they’ll start to believe your business can relate to them too.

Then…keep them interested

6)    “Solve or share, don’t shill”

Make sure your blog topics either solve readers problems or share the best practices they can be using. Don’t shill and trick them into reading something they don’t need. They won’t appreciate it and they won’t come back!

7)    Keep it consistent

‘Rome was not built in a day’…and your blog will not turn into a lead generation machine overnight! You will have to put up new blog posts regularly. One blog a week should keep your website relevant in the eyes of search engines.

8)    Engage your audience

Your strong headline might bring readers in, but make sure to use the right words to keep them in too. Keep your post interesting and light. Don’t overload them with paragraphs they won’t read. Short, sharp sentences that are informative and helpful will keep them reading to the end. That’s all you need!

9)    Use an opt-in form for lead generation

If you really want to engage with your visitors, include an opt-in form. For example, you give them the top 5 tips but if they sign up they get an extra 5 secret tips only the best of the best know. It’s a great way to entice them in and to filter your blog visitors.

10)  Nurture your blog readers into leads

An ever-growing solution to lead generation is lead nurturing.  Lead nurturing emphasises the importance of building a relationship with a possible lead to make them sales ready. Build trust between your business and your client through tailored and consistent communication, predominately through promoting your blogs in email marketing.

Do not underestimate how something as simple and creative as a blog can be a lean, mean, lead generation machine. Get the marketing right, follow these tips and you are heading that way!

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