10 top tips to managing your marketing data

Phew. The sheer amount of marketing data out there is overwhelming, isn’t it? No wonder marketing look like swans on top but underneath are paddling like hell trying to keep up. With data hidden in every nook and cranny across multiple systems, we know marketers have a tough job. That’s why we’ve created these 10 top tips for managing marketing data.

  1. Start making sure your data is opted-in. Data laws are changing for B2B and as of 2018, you won’t be able to market to data that hasn’t opted-in to your content.
  2. Speaking of engaging your data, make sure you run engagement tests! Every 3, 6 and 9 months. If it’s been a year – they’re dead in the water. Data cleanse.
  3. Following along those same lines, learn the differences in your bounces. Soft bounces and hard bounces will give you a much better idea of what is happening with your data.
  4. Alongside your email data, feed your lead generation data into the same area. From what web pages they look at, to when they visit your website. It’ll give you a better idea of their buyer journey and overall experience with your business.
  5. Focus on behavioural data rather than demographic data. It makes it easier to create marketing campaigns around them and produces better results.
  6. To do this, categorise your interaction levels by lead score. It makes it easier to sort your data into categories that work for sales pipelines.
  7. Create killer values based on the data that you know is your sales top target categories, so you can focus on driving this data through to close with sales.
  8. Integrate with your CRM, so you and sales can track what is happening with each of your leads across the pipeline. It’s smarketing at its finest.
  9. Get rid of Excel. You can use an integrated lead generation, email marketing, and CRM suite to see all your data in one place without the need for spreadsheets.
  10. Finally, track your results. From what marketing channel they come from (including PPC and social media) so you know how to best market to them in the future.

Right, well there are your top 10 tips to managing your marketing data effectively! It’s important to note that the more you can bring your data under one roof, the more effective these tips will be. Without one place to host your data or at least one easy way to synch it all, these top 10 tips just become tips. You need to make the most of your marketing data. Use these tips wisely!

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