Happy Social Media Day! Is your social media all in check? In honour of this remarkable day, we have whipped up 10 social media tactics that are sure to supercharge your social media strategies! Social media is a vastly growing environment, specifically captivating the gen z. Possessing the likes of the world, this powerful communications medium becomes the hub for a countless number of companies as a means of promotion and communication. This is due to the once realisation of online marketing capturing a significantly larger audience compared to traditional marketing.

Social media is the perfect tool to include in your marketing arsenal as it enhances brand awareness and engagement with potential customers, as well as increasing your platform span by being able to reach your prospects and better understand their requirements. However, choosing the ideal social media platforms to broadcast your business depends on whether you are a B2B or a B2C company. If you are a B2C company looking to refine your social media tactics then dive right into our other fantastic read by clicking here.
As for all our B2B readers, today we finally uncover a handful of great tactics to supercharge your B2B social media strategy.

1. Carefully Selected Metrics

Do you want to have a successful social media strategy? Then you must think creatively as this is the key to success. Yes, we know social media alone will not make you hit your lead targets, but it will certainly support you to work towards this. As long as you increase the forthcoming, how you do it is not the focus. Therefore, social media should be maximally exploited within your marketing strategies but be sure not to pin this as your pivot for your endmost goal of generating leads.

2. Combined Content

Ensure to combine your content by making your social media platforms an augmentation of your website, rather than a new channel. The content should be integrated by creating one superlative piece of content to broadcast over all social media platforms on a monthly basis, rather than creating multiple various small pieces of content to broadcast per platform. You must treat your social media channel as a highway for your content, providing enough clickbait to drive traffic onto your website.

3. Culled Channels

Do not overdo it. Social media is more about keeping pertinent, original, and crisp; rather than trying to get yourself recognised on every available social media platform. You could give various social channels a trial for the sole purpose of identifying your most effective channels, after which only the most effective ones should become the core focus. Test, test, and test again until you are 100% confident about which channels can pull through some hot leads for you. Culling your channels is crucial.

As for Spotler, we only use LinkedIn and Twitter, and this works very well for us because these are the two channels where our target audience engage the most.

4. Selected Audience

To ensure you are promoting on the right channels, you must know your audience; and you must know them well. You could do this by analysing the steps of your social media leads, identifying where they come from and what they do next.

Social media holds the true beauty of being able to define the audience you wish to target based on their demographics, location, and interests. All you need to do is tailor your content according to the audience that will respond best to it.

5. Engaged Audience

Monitoring your social media platforms is uttermost crucial, as it enables you to engage with your audience better. Show your potential leads that behind all this digitalised machinery, you are a human too, just like them. Personalise your content and wording to infuse a sense of humanness into it. Enhance engagement with your audience – acknowledge mentions, retweets, and likes. Small communication skills can take you and your business a long, long way.

6. Integrated Channels

In order to achieve the best results, you should consider integrating your marketing with all your other channels, constituting a seamless marketing flow. The reason being is that social media is a small element of your marketing strategies rather than being the core trigger point of them.

Ensure to manage your channels effectively by controlling which channel sees which content, what time the posts should be broadcasted, and who the target audience is. Keeping your content as diverse and engaging as possible, always remember that these are steps on the ladder to reach your endmost goal.

7. GIF Wrapped

GIFs are a fantastic way to step away from conventional marketing so be different and wrap up your content with a nice little GIF to lighten up the moods of your audience with a diverting change. GIFs are proven a great tactic to connect with the B2B audience. This is due to GIFs taking a detour from the typical monotonous social content on B2B platforms. We are all human at the end of the day, so humour is an appealing change of tone, though when used in context. They are an entertaining tactic to show off your brand personality and lively culture whether you are giving them a Friday laugh or Monday motivation.

We know you will not believe us about the effectiveness of GIFs, so take it from the Email Institute instead: A study shows that the usage of GIFs within campaigns are proven to be much more effective, as there was a 26% rise in click-through rates when having implemented GIFs.

GIFs can be used to promote and offer insights into new products, services, events, webinars, through your social media platforms.

However, be sure not to overdo them as one little mistake can very quickly sweep you away from being strong and current, to becoming cheap and tacky. Therefore, only use GIFs where appropriate.

So – be funny, be different, but still be careful.

8. Emoji Embedment

Emoji marketing derives the same benefits as does GIF marketing due to being an excellent tool to diffuse a delightful brand personality and culture, as well as to instil a touch of modern to your social media content.

However, again, just like GIFs, misusing emojis by inserting them in irrelevant places or overdoing it can lead you to the same cheap and tacky place as GIFs. Use emojis to connect with your audience on a much different level, but just remember to keep it relevant and to a minimum.

9. Maximised Customer Experience

The real magic of social media lay beneath its power to enable direct interaction with your customers and potential customers. This interactional aspect is pumped by social media’s functionality of asking and answering questions, sharing links and posts, amplifying interaction through competitions, and simply generating a streamlined opportunity for conversation.

Social media embarks the warmth of a community, diffusing a sense of familiarity with your audience, deriving great sales from an audience that feels belonged. This closely-knit environment offered by social media holds the upper hand for acquiring sales as the audience is more inclined to make a purchase from a familiar company as opposed to a stranger company.

Your credibility and reputation are uplifted through the posts of your customers as they share their incredible experiences of using your products and services. This significantly intensifies your marketing and brand awareness as your customers market your offerings on their platforms through the base of sharing their experience.

10. Social Media Lead Identification

Social media holds the unique and substantial benefit of the power to run instantaneously which is something rare to find in marketing channels. Lead identification is an effective tool for lead generation as it uncovers where they work and their background. Acquiring such results in real-time is an enormously powerful resource when interacting with your potential buyers.

The average person spends two hours a day on social media, hence why it is a significant tool to implement.

The Majestic Mastermind of GatorSocial

Spotler’s very own GatorSocial is the hub for pre-eminent social media management. We have put our automation mastermind to perfect use by constructing this fantastic social media automation software that allows you to manage, monitor, and share your content, all from one place, and that too, automatically! What more could you possibly ask for? Being experts in the industry, we promise you a maximised customer experience through our software usage.

Using our software will enhance your social media practices by allowing you to post content all from one spot, and as we mentioned previously, constituting of combined content and culled channels are very valuable aspects to grow in the world of social media. Not forgetting our incomparable analytics that call for detailed reporting and some fine filtering. This remarkable tool twists the history of monitoring data from your social media posts, as it allows one to view the data from a campaign level as well as more specifically by viewing individual posts.

Social Media Embedment within Email Marketing

The rapid rise in social media has left all previous marketing strategies astonished, giving marketers a real revolutionary brand-new tool to uplift their marketing game with a much-refined communication. The only missing element is a great pair of hands to manage the magic achieved by social media.

Statistics have it that 24% of non-social media users check their email inboxes a day, whereas this statistic is almost doubled to 42% when it comes to social-media users who are found to check their inboxes at least four time a day.

Therefore, email marketers have a perspicacious path of how to instil social media into their email marketing strategies to ultimately reach a much broader audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on over here and begin your new journey with GatorSocial today. We promise, this is one you won’t regret!