10 sales mistakes you need to avoid

With the New Year around the corner, it’s time to start looking at your New Year’s Resolutions inside and outside the office. Are any of these 10 sales mistakes something you need to work on?

Expecting others to create opportunities for you. Success stems from being able to produce new opportunities, so don’t dismiss leads outright and simply ask for more lead volume from marketing. Consider if the leads that are coming through can be convinced in a lead nurturing campaign or challenged into changing their opinion first.

Abandoning leads. You might feel that some leads aren’t “right” for your business. But you should trust your gut instinct on pursuing clients you know can improve your business results, even if they don’t fit the mold. An unwillingness to pursue dream clients will hold back successful sales. Use lead scoring to help you determine if the clients are interested enough to be worth pursuing as a future customer.

Leading with a product pitch. Opening your conversation with a full-on product pitch will automatically create resistance from a lead. Instead, find out what they need and make your product pitch match what they are looking for.

Not paying attention. Leads often reveal what they are looking for when you read between the lines. An unwillingness to listen to their needs or a lack of attention could be the difference between convincing them your product meets their needs or them looking elsewhere.

Lying. There are few things more destructive than lying in an attempt to gain business. You need to be honest and set realistic expectations, even if you feel they will hinder the deal.

Not taking accountability. The outcomes of your sales are your responsibility. Making excuses or blaming others will only affect your results negatively and reduce productivity levels in the office. Using lead allocation means that each salesperson takes responsibility for how their leads are moving through the cycle.

Failing to follow up. If commitments aren’t maintained, it gives the impression you don’t care, you don’t focus on details or you can’t be trusted. All commitments should matter equally and you should make each lead feel like they are the most important business deal in your diary. If you are struggling with this, look into investing in a lead management tool.

Maintaining a poor mindset. Having a negative outlook is the basis of poor results. As the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”. Expecting bad results will resonate with your leads. Stay positive and you are more likely to convert leads.

Unwilling to grow. If you are growing professionally and personally, you are seen as a trusted advisor who others will turn to in their time of need, leads included. Staying where you are shows others you are content to provide the bare minimum.

Using wrongful communication. Choosing the wrong form of communication in a critical situation can damage a relationship or suggest you’re avoiding a tricky conversation. Make yourself available for leads in any communication to improve your conversion rates.

Now you know what not to do, you can start using the lead generation best practices you need in order to succeed.

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