Black Friday is almost here.

With a week to go, brands are furiously fighting it out in the inbox to grab the attention of increasingly-distracted consumers.

Because this is a Black Friday like no other.

As England continues its second national lockdown and shops remain closed. Black Friday 2020 will be held exclusively online. And retailers are ramping up activity especially early to make up for lost revenue during the pandemic.

It seems that Black Friday is no longer a day. Or a weekend.

Instead retailers are claiming Black Friday weeks. And even months.

Amazon kicked off its early bird sale an entire month before the official Black Friday. Setting the precedent for others to follow suit.

So for retailers who haven’t yet started their Black Friday campaigns, we’re sorry to tell you you’re already behind.

But the good news is, that means you can take inspiration and learnings from some of the best Black Friday campaigns to launch so far.

Earning you the top spot in consumers’ inboxes.


Debenhams have been quick to point out that their Black Friday is lasting a whole 14 days. But that’s not the only reason we love this email.

Firstly, the email includes flashing signs which immediately grabs our attention and adds more depth than a flat image.

The suggestion of “Fill your shopping bag so it’s ready in the morning” is a clever nudge to get recipients thinking about shopping before the surge. And offers Debenhams an opportunity to re-engage with abandoned basket emails.

Debenhams also uses this email as an opportunity to offer more helpful advice to the recipient. Providing information on delivery times, Click & Collect, and their COVID-19 store updates.

New Look

The countdown timer alone earned this email a place in our favourites.

But this email simply ticks all the boxes.

Innovative use of personalised countdown timer. Beautifully branded. Engaging copy. Clear CTA. And of course we can’t resist the idea of a daily treat in the run up to Black Friday.


Music Magpie

Music Magpie knows that their customers don’t just buy products.

They also sell.

So they take an alternative approach to Black Friday emails, kindly suggesting that recipients can actually make some money ready for their Black Friday spending.

They complement this with handy information regarding iPhone prices, to offer that additional nudge.

We also love how easy Music Magpie makes it to sell an iPhone. With clear CTAs peppered throughout, and options to sell specific models. Cutting out at least one step in the selling process.


Also here to help us with our Black Friday finances is ClearScore.

They clearly know that their customers love a Black Friday splurge. So offer some sage advice to help shoppers make the most of their finances during the sales.

We love this email because it is informative and educational, without a heavy sales message.

Instead of a discount or sale, ClearScore have gone to the effort of creating useful content to help their audience.

It seems that their goal with this email is long term brand sentiment. Instead of a quick win sale.


Wishlists aren’t just for Christmas. They’re for Black Friday too.

Everything about this email is striking and engaging. The imagery, the colour, the copy, the CTA, and the overall message.

The concept of creating a wishlist is very smart – encouraging shoppers to get excited and prepared for their purchases now, increases the chances of a sale when the big day comes.


Samsung is known for their visually stunning campaigns. And we feel this simple email fits perfectly.

The contrasting colours, use of bold flowers against a black background, and curved edges all contributes to the highly polished look of this email.

We also love their messaging. “Our Black Friday has three Fridays” is a provocative and bold opening statement. The tone of which is mirrored throughout the rest of the email


Everything about this email feels sumptuous and exclusive.

From the opening line “Feel out of this world…”, through to the use of dreamy colours, and an invite to the waitlist.

Whether GlossyBox needs to create a waiting list for their latest offering is irrelevant. The concept adds urgency to the buying process. Encouraging users to click through before they miss out.

And of course, the discount for current customers is a helpful sweetener to encourage that all important purchase.


Even though it doesn’t reference Black Friday, the subject line for this cute little email immediately caught our eye.

The use of unusual emojis and the inquisitive language was just too tempting not to open.

MeetEdgar doesn’t rely on any clever personalisation tactics, stunning visuals, or big sales message.

Instead, we love this email as it is carried by the carefully drafted, playful copy.


With so many Black Friday sales, navigating the best bargains can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, MyProtein has your back.

We love helpful content, and MyProtein really delivers with an entire ‘Ultimate Guide’ to their Black Friday sale.

And if that isn’t handy enough, they also showcase their limited edition Black Friday releases – so their customers don’t miss out.


At Pure360 we’re long term advocates of keeping your customers happy. And Reebok certainly achieved that with their VIP email.

Knowing that there will be an inevitable surge in interest come the special day, Reebok kindly offer their customers early ‘VIP’ access with 20% off.

And while this is Reebok showing their customers they care. It is also a fantastic way to encourage shoppers to start bagging bargains even earlier.


Late to the party?

If you are yet to send out your Black Friday campaigns, don’t panic. We can help!

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