B2B Lead Generation Best Practice in 2016

It’s safe to say lead generation has developed leaps and bounds ahead of the cold calling days. If you’re still in those medieval business ages, it’s time to move on with the latest lead generation best practice. Get the technology you need and understand the methods that can make it the most effective. That is if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition.

What is lead generation in 2016?

Lead generation is not what it used to be. Cold calling and form fills are a thing of the past. Now, lead gen software has been created, best practice is all about making the most of your website. Think about it. How many website visitors do you have a month? 10,000+? It’s all about identifying those new website visitors so you can get in contact with them the minute they land on your website.

What best practice methods work best?

There are many methods you can use, but we’ve found the following work best.

  1. Get as much information as you can before the sales call

Knowing who is on your website is great, but we’ve found it’s not enough. You want to know who the employees of that company are, their annual turnover and their industry. That way you can determine if they are a quality B2B lead for you and get the key decision makers details too. It also means you can see which of your current customers are visiting your website and avoid accidently marketing/selling to them again. How embarrassing would that be?!

  1. Discover the individual moving around your website.

Of course, lead generation software can legally only show you the company on your website. But once you get an employees contact details, you can use a personalised URL to “cookie” the individual who opens the email. This will allow you to track an individual’s movements on your website and establish when that key decision maker is ready for a sales call. It sounds big brother-ish, but it can improve your sales pitch tenfold.

  1. Get in contact with sales-ready leads within 5 minutes.

Did you know you are 9 times more likely to get through to a key decision maker if you contact them in the first 5 minutes of them going on your website compared to the first hour? You can make the most of this by setting up alerts to tell you when website leads visit certain web pages (like pricing), when they come back to your website or when they are qualified enough to be deemed “sales ready”.

After that, all you need is something in place to warm up cold website leads. That something would be lead nurturing. But more about that later.

For more on lead generation take a look at what lead generation technology could do for your business.


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