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Welcome automation

Don’t leave it days… say hello straight away when you get a new subscriber.

Abandoned cart

Give your customers a nudge about the stuff they left in their shopping cart.

First-time purchase

Make sure you say ‘thank you’ when a customer makes their first purchase.

After sale follow-up

After someone buys something, recommend relevant products or get feedback and reviews.

It’s your Birthday

So let’s party! Provide exclusive offers and say happy birthday.

Retargeting emails

Remind visitors about the stuff they saw on your site and encourage them to purchase.

Read our privacy and cookie policy to see how we will process the data you provide.

Send beautiful email campaigns

Create engaging and stunning emails quickly and easily with our user-friendly drag & drop editor and our handy target group manager. It takes seconds to get your emails ready and just as quick to build the perfect audience to send to.

Automatic campaigns

Spotler likes to make email marketing easier. And that certainly applies to setting up and formatting automatic campaigns. All your campaign steps are clearly placed under each other and you can also see the triggers that set the various steps in motion. This way you can be sure that all your automatic campaigns are properly set up.

B2C tools at your disposal

Use the Spotler software to create engagement across channels and touchpoints

Good landing pages have no distractions, no noise, no fluff – just the action you want the buyer to take.

Often on your main website you have multiple CTAs, and that is precisely why a landing page is a good solution to get the best conversions from your emails and PPC campaigns.

So get more newsletter sign ups, downloads of your brochures and basket checkouts? Make sure you use our conversion-oriented landing pages.

You can easily create web forms and surveys in Spotler.

Place them on a high converting landing page so that your target audience can easily register for an event, sign up for a newsletter, request documents or simply participate in your customer satisfaction survey.

With our drag and drop editor, you can easily drag every question to the right place and get the layout you want.

Pop-ups work so well at converting visitors! 

Strategically place them on your website to collect your visitors email addresses. You can design the pop-up completely in your house style and decide for yourself where and when the pop-up appears. 

You can’t increase your reach any easier and pop-ups are proven to increase conversions and lower bounce rate!

All marketers should want to segment their database and created targeted groups.

For example, groups such as men, women, customers, prospects, interests, etc. With Spotler this is easy with our group builder, so you can create your target groups and segments to send personalised campaigns to.

Segment on all and any characteristics that are in the database and send emails with customised dynamic content. And the more relevant you are to the recipient, the greater the chance of conversion.

Spotler also offers options for sending SMS messages. With the correct permission and mobile numbers in your database, you can run SMS campaigns in a fun, personal way.

Easily compose and send SMS messages to large target groups. Make it personal and even set them up as part your automatic campaigns along side emails communications.

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Dynamic content

Another way to make mailings more relevant is to use dynamic content. By segmenting your database into target groups (male versus female, customers versus prospects, etc.), you can send them different messages within the one campaign.

Preference centres

By giving recipients the option to enrich their data and profiles with their preferences, you can make each content block in your email based on these preferences in your database. This makes your email campaigns relevant to every recipient and will improve your engagement and CTR of your campaigns.


Clear reports

When you send a campaign, you want to know how that campaign performs! Now you can get your hands on some pretty extensive and actionable reports. This way you always know how many of your recipients have opened the message and clicked through to your website, webshop or landing page, and how many have converted and brought something. 


Automatic A/B testing

With Spotler you can easily perform A/B tests – one of the best ways to see what gets better results with your audience. Test the sender name, subject line or content and determine the winner based on the most opens or most (conversion) clicks.

Spotler is fully GDPR compliant!

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect on May 25, 2018, we have made a special GDPR releases for our customers. You can now sign a processor agreement in the software. 

And in your instances you can easily action individual requests for subject access requests and the right to be forgotten. Of course we record how and when someone ended up in your database. With Spotler you are GDPR compliant with your email marketing.

The power to get more sales!

Spotler eCommerce offers web shops, retailers and B2C marketers powerful possibilities to easily generate more sales via marketing automation. The synchronisation of customer, product and order data from your shop makes it possible to quickly create personal product emails and, for example, abandoned cart campaigns.

  • 5 standard e-commerce email campaigns
  • Direct integration with your webshop i.e. Magento
  • Clear turnover reports
  • Pop-ups, forms, landing pages, SMS & surveys

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