Magento features that are guaranteed to grow your e-Commerce business

In case you hadn’t heard, the e-commerce world is exploding into life right now. With record sales and a global projected growth rate of 6.7%, the e-commerce sector continues to defy the doom and gloom of the COVID 19 pandemic. As more eyes (and businesses) turn to the digital space to exhibit their products and services, it’s becoming more important than ever to make sure you optimise your online channels.

Luckily for e-commerce sellers, Magento offers a nifty array of features to bolster your marketing and webstore toolkits, increasing brand awareness and profits. Take a look at how you could be separating yourself from the rest of the competition!

Promoting your webstore products and services

Magento offers an expansive marketing feature kit that enables you to set promotions based on pre-determined criteria. You can filter on your consumer’s preferences, browsing history, geographic location and much, much more. Through their drag and drop terminal you can arrange your webstore offerings, sorting new product pages or best-selling categories. Best of all, Magento gives you the capability to organise your category pages in an effective manner by setting fixed rules for cart prices.

Cart price rules can go a long way to reducing your cart abandonment rates by offering pre-set discounts or offers when your customers go through the checkout process and tick any conditions set on your webstore. Are you losing your customers along the buying journey before they are able to complete the checkout process? Configure your cart price rules to set additional discounts and entice them to complete their purchases. It’s proven that having the right cart abandonment campaigns at your disposal can help you recover as much as 63% of sales that would otherwise have been lost.

Segmenting your audience

In the e-commerce world, communication plays an even more vital role when it comes to drawing in new customers and retaining business. As such, you never want to send generic messaging that is not relevant to the product pages or services your customers are viewing. The important takeaway therefore is, personalisation holds the key to all doors when selling in the B2C e-commerce sphere.

Magento gives you that ability by allowing you to customise messaging to all your different groups. Not only can you filter your data on preferences, gender, location or previous interactions with your online store, you can also tailor any newsletter or email to any given audience group. Whether they’re long-term subscribers, potential customers that have recently viewed certain pages or leads that have forgotten to complete their purchases, make sure you’re tailoring the right communications to each group and entice them to keep coming back to your store!

Developing a positive customer experience

Fine tuning customer engagement on your webstore plays just as important a role as any communications or follow-ups you might send them. As such, you’ll want to pull out all the stops to retain business and not have them look elsewhere. Through Magento you can set reward and loyalty programs to keep your customers happy! Magento 2 offers a reward points system whereby customers can be incentivised to perform certain actions, be that making a purchase, subscribing to your communications or even leaving a review or like on your social media!

Magento 2 also allows you to build private sales pages, where you can set limited deals or cross-sell services to different groups. Offering related product pages is another good way to increase your potential audience or attract further sales in particular product bundles. A wider variety in product ranges will serve to keep customers on your site. If they can find it there, why look elsewhere!

Online visibility

With so much competition, the first trick when selling online is to make sure you’re being seen. Magento gives you the search tools to guarantee that you’re scoring high on any search engine. You can also add keywords, so anyone online looking for a product in one of your ranges, is more likely to land on your page. To further expand the reach of your online visibility, Magento can help you set up proper metadata and optimise search queries.

All of these features are inspired to help make it easier for would be buyers to find your product pages and ultimately, make a purchase!


Start your Magento journey

Whether you’re just starting your e-commerce journey or already have an established webstore, Magento offers the perfect toolkit to not only establish but develop a strong position in your e-commerce space. Standing still is never an option so make sure to implement these features into your own marketing strategy and pave your way for future success!

If you’ve made it this far and you’ve liked what you’ve read, why not check out our product brochure and see how we can get you ready for the e-commerce battle!

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