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Supporting worthy causes as a team

Our Chosen Charity: Sky Ocean Rescue

Sky launched Ocean Rescue in 2017, to make people aware of plastic pollution and to give everyone easy ways to take action, every day. So far, the campaign for change has reached nearly 48 million people across Europe.

By 2020 Sky have cut 1,000 tonnes of plastic from our business and across their supply chain. That’s a mountain of plastic the size of 7 blue whales that can’t make its way into the sea.

Over five years, they’re investing £25 million in companies that can help us all to give up plastic for good.

The Great Beach Clean-Up

On Friday the 3rd of September the Spotler team delved into the sandy realm of Hayling Island to pick up litter whilst educating the community but also ourselves. Our Charity Commission rallied us all into the Basement to brief us on Ocean Rescue and our goals for the day. “Obviously we aren’t going to fix the problem today, but what we can do, is raise awareness to those who see us, about the seriousness of the issue.”

The ocean is one of our best solutions and our greatest hope. The ocean keeps us alive and well. It absorbs over 90% of heat and almost a third of all carbon dioxide that humans have ever produced. It’s why the ocean is called “the beating blue heart of the planet”. James, head of the Charity Commission explains that our oceans are under unsustainable pressure from pollution, climate change and overfishing. Today our goal was to alleviate the amount of pollution on Hayling Island and to educate the community on how they too can help.

After a quick photo op, we set off for South, all bundled into cars in our own groups, it was an unspoken race to Hayling Island.

Once at the beach and adorned in our protective gloves and litter grabbers, we were off in our pairs. It came to be clear that the true villain was the packaging from ice creams, sweets and of course the cans of Stella Artois. The distinct view of bottle tops and cans distracted you from looking closing and seeing the camouflaged clear wrappers and paper embedded in the sand. Despite the sand being home to the remnants of holidaymakers, the real area to suffer was the car park. For a family before heading into the car for a journey back home, one last stop to dump out their rubbish by the car was made, and this highlighted the disregard for the beach and the need for convenience outweighed the good of the environment.

The public was receptive to our efforts, with various people coming up to us to either tell us a job well done or to ask how they can join in on a beach clean. We left the beach with a bittersweet taste that although we removed litter, what about the day after, and the day after that. The fight to save our oceans will not be won in a day and this beach clean up reminded us that every little helps.

You too can help, remember we’re in this together.

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