Request a Spotler Speaker

Need a speaker for a seminar, webinar or conference. If it’s about anything sales and marketing related, look no further. We love a good chatter and are not too shabby at delivering a great session.

Hosting an upcoming event? Think your guests would like to hear from someone at Spotler? Check out the FAQs to get a better idea of how our speaker program works, and see if Spotler is a good fit for your next event.

We can’t jump on every opportunity that comes our way, but we’ll try our best to find the perfect speaker for you. So submit a request, and we’ll see how we can help.


If I submit the form, am I guaranteed to have a Spotler speaker at my event?

Although we love talking at events unfortunately there aren’t enough speakers to commit to every event so we won’t be able to guarantee a speaker. That said, we haven’t failed yet to turn up when requested.

What would make my speaker request a good fit for Spotler?

We ultimately decide that an event is a good fit if the opportunity is worth the investment. For example, if an event is abroad, it may require more travel time and costs, so we like to speak to larger audiences. However, if it is in the UK and it is a marketing or sales related topic then it’s a safe bet we’d be interested.

Do I have to pay for a speaker?

No, we don’t charge a speaker fee. If your company has budget for speaker travel and/or accommodation, we really appreciate it, but do not require any cost on your part.

What topics can Spotler talk about?

We have opinions on most topics marketing and sales related. Our speakers are experts on outbound & inbound marketing and sales, including: email marketing, marketing automation, lead generation, social media, content creation, analytics, inbound & outbound overview, sales processes, AI technology and much more.

Will it be a sales pitch?

Absolutely Not! Our speakers focus on best practices that your attendees can apply to their own sales and marketing strategies, not Spotlers software or tools. We have the luxury of seeing so many different marketing campaigns and the data that lives behind it, and that means all our talks are insightful and back up with real life examples and cold, hard data.

Can I get an director to speak at my event?

Our management team has very busy schedules, so sometimes it isn’t possible to offer up one of them, but speakers from Support, Services, Account Management, Sales and Marketing will give your attendees a ton of valuable information to walk away with.

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