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How it all began

Once upon a time, in a little estate called Peper Harow, there was a Great Business, with sharp teeth, green skin and serious eating problem, and this is how the Great Business came to be…

A long time ago, in an enchanted town called Guildford, two wizards of marketing, sales and technology, known as Leeus and Aaronite, had fallen into a murky swamp, wasting so much time with manual email marketing and saw a niche to create a cutting teeth (edge) digital email platform.

On a dark stormy night in 2005, they gathered around a bubbling cauldron, concocted a spell and dropped in a tooth of an Alligator, the hair of determination and the foot of a Silver Bear. The pot began to spit, spill and crack and into a big, beautiful, cloud of green smoke, CommuniGator was born, a suite of products that rolled all ‘Marketing Automation’ into one snappily fine platform.

Now rebranded as Spotler, we haven’t lost the sharp teeth, but have gained some Dutch courage, and still continue to provide an amazing marketing automation platform to help our customers tackle and improve their automation and lead generation goals.

More marketing in less time

Our goal is to create software that allows you to be successful in your marketing communications. We build innovations and advanced functionality that allows you to take your marketing automation and lead generation to the next level. In other words: functionality that can be applied in an accessible manner with measurable outcomes. That is why we do not just add all kinds of functions, but we consciously choose to only develop frequently requested and frequently used functions – all voted by our customers. Ultimately, it’s all about you getting results quickly and leaving more time for other marketing activities.

The Spotler team

We all have a passion for marketing and we are proud to contribute to the success of our customers. That is what we have been doing for over 15 years.

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Software WITH a Service

The software enables you to get the maximum return from your marketing automation, and we are more than just software. We offer you a worry-free start and then help you improve your performance. We offer comprehensive on-boarding, including the necessary templates, any integrations with CRM and on-site training. If you have any questions when using Spotler or need some advice, you can always call the Support Team directly. And all of this comes at an affordable and competitive price.

Deliverability, Privacy & Security

Since 2005, we have sent billions of emails through our servers. The infrastructure is fully equipped to deliver all mailings to millions of recipients per month in the best possible way. In addition to our efforts to achieve the best possible deliverability for customers, we also work hard to provide the best possible data security.

Work hard, play hard

At Spotler, we love a healthy work-life balance. We have an open, honest and accessible corporate culture. Take a look at a few things we have been up to.

Work at Spotler

We are constantly looking for new talent. Ambitious people who enjoy building a fast-growing company. Is that you? View our vacancies or send us your CV.

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Want to know more about our software?

SpotlerUK is more than just software. You get unrivalled support and service and we help you implement a playbook for marketing automation and lead generation success. Schedule a demo without obligation and we'll happily discuss and show you how you can utilise marketing automation for your organisation.

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